Adobe Photoshop

welcome to adobe photoshop, this was probably the one I struggled on the most.
here you'll see some of my work !!

for this project, we took a person of our choice
and made a magazine inclulding them in the background. I chose to use Jisoo from
Blackpink for this assignment. I went for a blue theme to match her dress and this is one of my favourite peices !!
reference photo.

for this project, our class explored and created a
reflection of something or someone. I chose to use Mulan for this.
I originally wanted the mirror to reflect off herself in her warrior form, but I stuck to the more simple way.

for this project, we explored the mixer brush tool where
we brushed over pictures and make them seem like a painting. I chose to do some sort of picture with
some sunlight and it took a very long time. picture here.

we practiced using the lasso tool to get part of
an image and put it onto another. I chose to use sunoo from Enhypen and put him in a cherry
blossom park, and I really like how it turned out!! photo.